Transformation with purpose

We are a firm that provides a customized advisory service to entrepreneurs, investors and senior executives, where we collaborate with future «growth soul leaders» by transforming their companies towards exponential growth and social impact.

Our mission is reaching the highest positive impact in both society & planet, by accompanying entrepreneurs and senior management with «soul» in the continuous transformation of their companies towards success. only works for companies that make our world a better place.

We donate 10% of the profits to the Unlimited Spain foundation promoting the new impact economy

An unique method.

An «unique» developed method, based on “Growth Soul Company”©, focused on three key aspects: personal, economical & social.

Social impact


Growth Soul Leader


Economical Impact


Committed people

The entire team at IMPACTCO. is characterized by being brilliant people, but above all committed to our purpose.
Our company collaborates with the best talent on an international and national scale, along with agreements with the best firms in the fields of innovation, technology, personal development, business coaching, and social and environmental impact, in order to organize the best team “ad-hoc” for each entrepreneur/executive.

"A talent makes you stand out. A heart makes you transcend."

Ángel Bonet

Ángel Bonet

Founder and president of the first social impact accelerator in Spain: Unltd Spain Foundation. Unltd supports more than 15,000 start-ups in 10 countries, 52 of them in Spain, becoming a global leader in social entrepreneurship.
He has been the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Minsait (An Indra Company), since its foundation, until reaching 2,200 Million Euros in turnover, and a member of the sustainability committee of Indra, a Spanish multinational service and technology company with more than 50,000 employees in 110 countries.
He was one of the founders of DaemonQuest, -the first consulting firm in Spain specializing in Customer Strategy & Intelligence-, which was sold to Deloitte when it had a workforce of 200 people, a turnover of 20 million euros with offices in Madrid, Lisbon, Mexico and Miami.
As a professor, he has been invited to some of the most important educational centers in the world (Esade, Iese, IE, Esic, La Salle, Ipade, TEC de Monterrey, or the University of Deusto). He is co-author of the book ‘The new digital consumer’ and author of ‘Technological Tsunami’ and ‘Companies that grow with a soul’
Considered one of the 40 best futurists in Spain by Forbes magazine in 2021.

Our purpose

More than an advisory firm, we are a movement.
IMPACTCO is not just a consulting firm, it is a movement of people who believe in a new economic model. Essentially, this is who we are, and signing is just the means to harness this ambition and build a better world.
Performance does not equate to social impact.
The social impact is not charitable, it is an economic opportunity for growth. Companies that do not put impact at the core of their business model will find it difficult to win consumer loyalty, attract investors, attract and retain talented people, reduce costs and adapt to regulatory changes.
Tribes are more powerful than teams.
A tribe is a group of people with a common interest, culture and values. At IMPACTCO there are no owners, no bosses, no hierarchies. We are just members of an ecosystem that seeks to impact millions of lives around the world.
A good person is more important than anything else.
Our tribe is made up of good people and great professionals. We want to work with clients who aspire to leave a legacy on earth. We invest our talent in leaders who are honest and determined to change the world.
The dreamers are the game changers.
We love dreamers. People with the ambition to change the world. Without this ambition, the experience and knowledge of the industry is useless. Dreaming is the critical factor to achieve success and transcendence.
It is not necessary for companies to be inert.
We want entrepreneurs and executives to live their projects and be protagonists of the technological and social revolution, to be excited about their contribution to the world, to feel enthusiastic during the process. Leaders must be more human and natural to employees, investors, customers, and stakeholders.
Let's go further together.
We are on a common path to achieve a more sustainable world and we know that these challenges will not be solved by us alone. We work with partners and external talent with an open and collaborative culture.
It is important to take responsibility for innovation.
As technology becomes more and more powerful in our society, the responsibility that comes with it increases. We leverage disruptive technologies to solve challenges by scaling impact businesses.
Fun and passion are competitive advantages.
We love our purpose and that is why we have built a culture based on passion for what we are doing. Passion and fun are key factors for constant learning, to maintain curiosity and adaptability within a company. This is part of our DNA and sets us apart from the rest.
We have no limits.
The global challenges we face around the world require global solutions. We were born global and our ambition to create impact is not limited by any border other than the physical and the limits of our universe. If you see yourself in these beliefs, if you want to build a better world, you can be part of IMPACTCO.

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